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Do you need to add additional sensors or repeaters to the selected Small set?
We will add the price for individual other devices to the cost-effective price of the set and we will prepare the whole set for you so that you just place devices and start them.

Do you want to prepare a completely different set of different types of sensors and a specific number of repeaters?
Simply add them to your shopping cart. Remember that each IQAROS set must contain, in addition to the sensors, the necessary infrastructure - see below.
We will provide the preparation and configuration of such a set at the price of the selected hardware.

Are you a partner with the potential for a long-term order of a specific customized set? Ask for a quote.

  • Select sensors. One IQAROS system can have up to 30 sensors. The visualization part is ready for this maximum number.
  • Choose a sufficient number of repeaters, which are an important functional part of the set. We recommend 1 repeater to 4-6 sensors, depending on the location of the sensors in your building. In total, do not exceed 6 repeaters in a set, due to the setting of the visualization part.
  • Add 1 IQUBE gateway to the system.
  • Send us your request.
  • We will prepare everything for you!
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