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You can choose not only from different sizes of sets but also from different variants of sensors. 


In the set, you will find an industrial temperature and humidity sensor connected to the extender, so fast response and accuracy are ensured when measured values frequently change. Industrial protection IP40.

We offer the cost-effective IQAROS Industrial Pro set in three sizes:
Small: 5 x temperature and relative humidity sensor, 1 x repeater, 1 x IQUBE gateway
Medium: 10 x temperature and relative humidity sensor , 2 x repeater, 1 x IQUBE gateway
Large: 30 x temperature and relative humidity sensor, 6 x repeater, 1 x brána IQUBE gateway

Industrial Pro Small

IQAROS Industrial Pro


(€787 with VAT)

Save €124 (without VAT)

Industrial Pro Medium

IQAROS Industrial Pro


(€1,392 with VAT)

Save €249 (without VAT)

Industrial Pro Large

IQAROS Industrial Pro


(€3,691 with VAT)

Save €849 (without VAT)


In addition to the above Industrial Pro variants, we also offer a set with Industrial and Industrial X sensors.

Industrial sensors have an opening covered by a semi-permeable membrane and are designed for measuring temperature and humidity in less demanding conditions. Industrial protection IP40.
This type of sensor is suitable for those who are just starting with measurement and want to try everything in a cost-effective set.

Industrial X sensors have a connector to which a temperature sensor located on the cable is connected. The sensors are designed for measuring the temperature in a more demanding environment. Industrial protection IP67.

We offer the cost-effective set IQAROS Industrial and IQAROS Industrial X in the size Small:
5 x sensor (temperature and relative humidity in the case of the Industrial variant, only temperatures in the case of the Industrial X), 1 x repeater, 1 x IQUBE gateway

Small Industrial

IQAROS Industrial


(€605 with VAT)

Save €124 (without VAT)

Small Industrial X

IQAROS Industrial X


(€871 with VAT)

Save €154 (without VAT)


Do you want to combine different types of sensors or change the number of devices in a set?
We will prepare everything for you.
Choose the cost-effective IQAROS set and add sensors and repeaters to it.


IQUBE gateway

The gateway is the center of the IQAROS measuring system. It collects temperature and humidity data from sensors at regular intervals. It visualizes the data and regularly sends it to the user for archiving. You can get more features by connecting to the cloud, see the Cloud service package. 


Battery sensors measure temperature in the range of -40 °C to 85 °C and relative humidity in the range of 0-90%. The temperature sensor is factory calibrated. We enable certification of temperature calibration. We guarantee 7 years of running on battery*.
*subject to operating conditions, not intended for use in refrigerators and freezers


The repeater provides coverage of the area with a wireless signal. It is powered from the mains. Each sensor must be within its range.
To ensure signal coverage, it is recommended to test the location of the repeater and sensors on site and adjust if necessary.


Each sensor must be within range of at least one repeater providing wireless coverage of the place.
The range depends on the complexity of the building, the composition of the walls and ceilings, or other obstacles between the individual devices. After deploying the sensors, it is advisable to test the range from an application running on the IQUBE gateway. Repeaters can be added if needed. Approximately, the range of tens of meters between the repeater and the gateway or the sensor and the repeater can be achieved. 

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