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How do you monitor your environment? Use our system for automatic collection of temperature and humidity. The set is fully ready and pre-configured to start everything with just the setting of the basic parameters. Monitor conditions in your warehouses, shops, factories, and other indoor spaces, even at different heights, wirelessly.

Calibrated and ready for immediate use
Wireless stand-alone sensor network
Limit settings, immediate alerts and regular reports
7-year warranty on operation without battery replacement


A system suitable for measuring temperature (T) and humidity (RH) in the interior of buildings, such as offices, archives, factories, and warehouses.
It is ready for immediate use - you only deploy the device, start it and set the basic parameters.
Sensors transmit the measured values every minute.

Below are examples of the IQAROS measuring set. You can see other options here.

The prepared sets are cost-effective variant compared to making a measuring system from individual products.

Of course, we will be happy to prepare a customized set for you.

Small Industrial

IQAROS Industrial


(€605 with VAT)

1 x IQUBE gateway
1 x repeater
5 x sensor T+RH

Save €124 (without VAT)

Medium Industrial Pro

IQAROS Industrial Pro


(€1,392 with VAT)

1 x IQUBE gateway
2 x repeater
10 x sensor T+RH

Save €249 (without VAT)

Small Industrial X

IQAROS Industrial X


(€871 with VAT)

1 x IQUBE gateway
1 x repeater
5 x sensor T

Save €154 (without VAT)


You can choose the system with various sensor variants, from the cost-effective Industrial variant to the Industrial Pro variant suitable for more accurate and faster measurements thanks to sensors placed in the extender, up to the Industrial X variant suitable for measurements in freezers, wet or moist environments.


The IQAROS system is a cost-effective set of products, but you can also buy them separately.
Each system includes an IQUBE gateway, repeaters and sensors of temperature and relative humidity.


You can choose our service packages. See options below.
Buy a service package together with the IQAROS product at a discounted price! 

Service START         PLUS*           PREMIUM*
Quick installation
Initial support
Long-term support
Quick exchange
Priority SLA 
Personal training
On-site installation
Technical support
Calibration certificate
Price  €59 / single payment
(€71 with VAT)
€0 for registered
€98 / year
(€119 with VAT)
*coming soon,
check availability in your location
from €275 / year 
(€332 with VAT)
*coming soon,
check availability in your location
Vhodné využití


Monitor the temperature and humidity in factories, warehouses, and stores and prevent food go bad to avoid any subsequent sanctions or customer dissatisfaction.

Electronic components and entire devices are prone to compliance with production conditions and proper storage.

Drugs must be manufactured, stored, and transported at a predefined temperature and you must be able to document everything back. Get data from many sensors at once using a smart sensor network.

Provide the right conditions for books and paintings, whether they are in archives, libraries, picture galleries, or warehouses.

...and many more.

Learn more about the IQAROS system

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